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Powering More Sustainable Products and Processes

As a global leader in chemicals used to enhance coatings, sealants, adhesives, polyurethane foams and much more, Daicel ChemTech takes a multi-faceted approach to sustainability. We look to develop more sustainable offerings on a continuous basis, such as our all-natural products for healthcare supplements, as well as ways to make our partners’ products and processes more biodegradable and less energy-intensive. In addition, our focus on making higher performing, longer lasting products, helps our customers eliminate waste.

Taking this approach requires focus on how we impact both the short-term and long-term environmental sustainability for our company and for our customers. Together, we must strive to be more sustainable, even as we make and use chemical products for society’s infrastructure needs, as well as offerings that improve the quality of our lives in many ways. For example, we offer highly sustainable products that promote biodegradability in a variety of applications, including packaging for food and pharmaceuticals. Daicel ChemTech also leads the way in stocking low viscosity additives that make our partners’ processes less energy-intensive. Together, we can continue to do better, and we will.

As a part of Daicel Corporation, our stakeholders can rest assured that our company will continue to approach sustainability as part of our larger corporate social responsibility to the way we operate, source materials, and generate more sustainable products for our customers. We remain committed to making our world a better place, from the impact on our natural environment to the communities where we live and work.

Environmental and social responsibilities

All Daicel Group companies engaged in the manufacture or handling of chemicals must adhere to the corporation’s Basic Policies for Responsible Care, first developed in 1995. These policies address our environmental and social responsibilities on a number of key fronts. From a chemical product perspective, we are committed to increasing the sustainability of our chemicals from their development to their eventual disposal. We are also committed to driving greater safety and management of risk with regard to our chemicals, no matter where they are in our value chain. Finally, we are steadfast in our commitment to the sustainable development of society at large, through innovative technologies and solutions, as well as through the support of biodiversity initiatives worldwide.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability through Daicel’s Responsible Care policies, please visit the link below.