Privacy Policy

Daicel Group Policy on the Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

[Daicel ChemTech, Inc.] and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as the “Group”) will properly process personal information in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as “APPI”) and other laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information as well as guidelines, generally accepted practices related to the processing of personal information, etc. when acquiring, using, and providing personal information. In addition, the Group will clarify its rules and regulations concerning the processing of personal information, and strive to ensure that all employees such as officers, full-time employees, contract employees, temporary employees, and part-time employees (hereinafter referred to as the “Employees”) properly handle personal information.

“Personal information” means information that can identify you as a specific individual, such as your address, name, telephone number including information that falls under “personal data” as defined in Article 4 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”). 

Chapter 1. Processing of Personal Information in Our Group

1. Purpose of Use and Legal basis

Our Group uses personal information on the following legal basis for the following purposes.
<Personal Information of Executives or Employees of Existing or Prospective Business Partners>
(Name, Address, Phone number, E-mail Address, Company Name, Company Address, Department, Position, etc.)

  • Conducting business with suppliers and supplying goods or services
  • Managing suppliers
  • Business contact
  • Confirming visitors and health condition
  • Soliciting services, advertising and other marketing
  • Sending direct mail, e-mail magazines, and other greetings
  • Implementing questionnaires, surveys, etc.
  • Event implementation
  • Planning and development of products, and consideration of measures to improve customer satisfaction
  • Patent management services
  • Responding to inquiries, etc.

<Personal Information of Shareholders>

  • IR releases and information distribution
  • Shareholder convenience and status, to manage shareholders, to implement various measures to facilitate relations with shareholders, and to hold general meetings of shareholders
  • Responding to inquiries, etc.

<Personal Information of Trustees, etc. >

  • Administrating outsourced trustees
  • Business contact
  • Confirming visitors and health condition

<Personal Information of Applicants for Employment>

  • Considering employment and sending recruitment-related documents
  • Confirming visitors and health condition
  • Responding to inquiries, etc.

<Personal Information of Visitors, Residents Neighboring Daicel Facilities or Officials >

  • Making evacuation directive and other necessary contact at the time of any emergency situation, such as natural disaster and other similar situation
  • Responding to inquiries, etc.
  • Confirming visitors and health condition
  • Implementing questionnaires, surveys, etc.
  • Soliciting services, advertising and other marketing 

2. Provision to Third Parties

Our Group will not provide personal information to any third party except under any of the below conditions. Provided, however, that the provision of such information does not constitute disclosure or provision to a third party if it is provided as a result of joint use or consignment. 

  1. With your consent;
  2. In accordance with laws and regulations;
  3. When it is necessary for the protection of life, body, or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the data subject;
  4. In cases in which it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of the sound upbringing of children and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the data subject;
  5. In cases in which cooperation is necessary for the State or local public entities, etc. to conduct public affairs and in which the consent of the data subject may hinder the execution of such affairs; or
  6. Provision upon succession of business due to merger, company split, transfer of business or for other reasons.

3. Handling of entrustment

The Group may entrust part of its business activities and provide personal information to outsourcees to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In this case, the Company shall properly manage and supervise the outsourcees, including the conclusion of contracts for the processing of personal information with these outsourcees.

Acquirer of personal information as outsourcees are, for example, consultants, employment agents, crowd service providers, and IT vendors.

4. Provisions regarding the sharing of personal information

Our Group will share personal information as follows:

1. Items of Personal Data to be shared:
Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Company Name, Company Address, Department and Position.

2. List of the companies that share Personal Data

Daicel Arbor Biosciences (Biodiscovery LLC)
Chiral Technologies Europe S.A.S.
Chiral Technologies, Inc.
Daicel America Holdings, Inc.
Daicel (Asia) Pte.Ltd.
Daicel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Daicel Nanning Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.
Daicel Corporation
Daicel Chiral Technologies (China) Co., Ltd.
Daicel (Europa) GmbH
Daicel Miraizu (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Daicel Micro Optics Co. Ltd.
Daicel Miraizu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Daicel Trading (Shanghai) Ltd.
Shanghai Daicel Polymers, Ltd.
Daicel Safety Systems Americas, Inc.
Daicel Safety Systems Europe Sp.z o.o.
Daicel Safety Systems Korea, Inc.
Daicel Safety Systems (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
Daicel Safety Technologies (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
Daicel Safety Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Daicel Safety Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Daicel Safety Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
Special Devices (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Daicel Chiral Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Lomapharm GmbH
Polyplastics Co., Ltd.
DM Novafoam Ltd.
Daicel Pack Systems Ltd.
Daicel Value Coating Ltd.
Daicel Miraizu Ltd.
Daicel Arai Chemical Ltd.
Daicel Ohtake Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Daicel Logistics Service Co., Ltd.
Daicel Aboshi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Daicen Membrane-Systems Ltd.
Kyoei Shokusan Co., Ltd.
Kyodo Sakusan Co., Ltd.
Dainichi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Daicel Safety Systems Inc.
Daicel Pyrotechnics Ltd.

Our group company including Daicel Corporation and oversea group companies

Please refer to the link below for details regarding our group companies.

3. Purpose of Sharing
Purpose of use described in 1 above.

4. Company responsible for the sharing of Personal Data
[Daicel ChemTech,Inc. Address:One Parker Plaza , 400 Kelby Street, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024

5. Transfer outside of [U.S.A]

Our Group may provide personal information to Group companies outside [U.S.A]. In this case, Group Company takes necessary measures in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations of any country.

Some of company’s group companies are located in countries which are not recognized under the APPI or the GDPR as providing adequate protection and the company concludes the data transfer agreement with group company for sufficient data protection.

6. Matters concerning safety management measures

Our Group shall take the following appropriate measures for the security control of personal information including preventing leakage, loss, and destruction of its handled personal information 

1. Development of basic rules for security control of personal information

  • Formulation of this policy to ensure proper handling of personal information and to inform you of the window for processing of query or complaints.

2. Development of rules for handling personal information

  • Development of handling rules at each stage of acquisition, use, provision, deletion/disposal, etc.

3. Institutional security control measures

  • Appointment of person responsible for management of personal information, etc.
  • Development of security control actions in rules of employment, etc.
  • Development and implementation of a regular system for inspection and audit of the handling status of personal information.
  • Development of a system for responding to information leakage or other incidents

4. Human security control measures

  • Thorough dissemination of security control actions to employees and their education and training
  • Provision about obligation of confidentiality described on rules of employment, etc.

5. Physical security control measures

  • Management of personal information handling area, etc.
  • Preventing theft, loss, etc. of a device and electronic medium, or the like for handling personal information.
  • Preventing leakage or other accidents etc. in carrying electronic medium, or the like; and
  • Deletion of data and disposal of electronic medium, or the like.

6. Technological security control measures

  • Setting of management categories of personal information and access control
  • Development of measures to prevent the leakage, non-authorized access or other accidents.

7. Understanding external environment

  • Understanding system of the companies provision destinations are located in and take appropriate measures for the security control.

7. Customer requests

You may have the following rights concerning personal information retained by the Group Company based on the applicable legislation. 

  1. To withdraw consent
  2. To request for disclosure, correction, addition, and deletion
  3. To request for suspension of use and stopping providing to a third party
  4. To request for data portability

If you wish to make any of the above requests regarding the personal data held by the Group Company, please contact us using the contact information listed in 8 below. After confirming the identity of the person making the request, we will respond to the request to a reasonable extent and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

8. Request for inquiry and complaint

For inquiries or complaints about our Group’s handling of personal information, contact:

[Personal Information Protection Office Daicel Chem Tech,Inc. 


9. Appeals to the data protection authority

You have the right to object to the data protection authority having jurisdiction over your residence in processing personal information relating to you. Data protection agencies of the EU countries can be found at the following URL:

10. Contact information for data administrators and data protection officers

[Daicel ChemTech,Inc.

AddressOne Parker Plaza , 400 Kelby Street, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024