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We do more than chemistry

Daicel offers more than epoxies and caprolactone solutions for your applications. We offer service solutions that help you grow your business.


Technical Support

Daicel’s team of experts is here to advise you on the right product formulation to achieve your goals for performance, processability, sustainability, and cost. Our research and development team based in Japan, along with teams of technical experts based in the United States and around the world, are dedicated to getting you the answers you need quickly. Together, we help you develop your processes and manufacturing capabilities.

Throughout the product development process, we share technical data with customers to help them with comparative analysis. This information exchange makes the case for product viability.


Application Testing

What’s better than a product sample? Sampling product performance. Daicel offers application testing for our customers to kickstart the product development process, a starting point for a path that ends with predictable performance after product launch.

Our established overseas testing center supports customers around the world, and we are looking to expand our testing capabilities to further accommodate the needs specific to the North American region. We are always looking for ways to trim our response time and help customers more efficiently.


Product Customization

When you need a product modification within our portfolio of epoxies, caprolactones, or other chemistries, turn to the team of experts at Daicel. We innovate in real time to solve unique customer challenges. Sometimes, that means an upfront modification, while at other times, we work hand-in-hand with existing customers to continue to optimize formulations.

In addition, we are helping customers by developing new products to meet the demands of market trends as we observe them together. Daicel customers have a distinct competitive edge through our ongoing partnerships.


Full Integration Support

For implementing new product solutions, turn to Daicel. We’ll help you integrate new formulations that optimize performance and processability efficiently and effectively. With Daicel, the support never ends. We’re always there, even after product launch, continuing to provide insights to product performance whenever your needs arise.


Ready to fuel your innovation?

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