Healthcare Ingredients

Fermented Additives for Healthier Aging, Weight Management, and More

Daicel’s premium natural and fermented products support the development of effective and advanced supplements. Our natural and versatile healthcare ingredients bring value to dietary supplements delivered in the form of pills, gummies, tablets, and drinks. We offer naturally-derived ingredients that support healthy aging and weight management goals. If you want your supplements to provide healthier aging, excellent skin protection, higher energy levels, and cell regeneration, look to Daicel’s nutraceutical ingredients. 

High-Quality Products, Consistent Benefits

Our innovative healthcare ingredients support a wide variety of health and beauty goals. Konjac Ceramide creates youthful-looking skin by supporting the skin’s moisture barrier, while Urolithin A provides better mitochondrial function, longevity, and improved ATP production. These attributes, in turn, support brain function, mitochondrial health, and muscle endurance. If you strive to create high-quality supplements with unique and effective ingredients, turn to a partner you can trust, Daicel.


Healthcare Ingredients


Konjac Ceramide – Konjac Tuber Extract

Konjac Ceramide is prepared from the tubers of the Konjac plant. Ceramides are helpful in preserving skin moisture. Supplementation of ceramide helps the skin retain moisture and prevents it from drying, cracking, and being attacked by external agents like dust, pollutants, and bacteria.


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