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Our caprolactone-modified acrylate (FA-series) and methacrylate (FM-series) reactive monomers contain caprolactone chains with a primary hydroxyl end-functionality. These unique hydroxyl-terminated caprolactone-modified (meth)acrylic monomers (HCL(M)As) are incorporated in various acrylic resin systems where they can be subsequently crosslinked with isocyanate or melamine crosslinking agents. The primary hydroxyl moiety reacts particularly well with conventional melamine-formaldehyde crosslinking agents and multi-functional isocyanates to afford high performance coatings, adhesives and films. These caprolactone acrylate monomers are also used in the preparation of UV curable urethane acrylates and UV curable acrylate formulations where the wide range of viscosities of the oligomeric monomers provide good formulating latitude.

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