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About Us

The Best Solution for You
At the Daicel Group, we believe in the unlimited potential of chemistry. By applying our unique technologies and expertise in the most effective manner, we are meeting the diverse needs of society. Our industrial group contributes to a better society and an improved quality of life.

Who We Are…

Daicel Corporation is a trusted chemical manufacturer based out of Japan. We have been producing ε-Caprolactone monomers and derivatives for over 40 years, nurturing an extensive background and knowledge on these materials. Daicel is also internationally recognized for its wide portfolio of cycloaliphatic epoxy resins that find great uses in various aspects of people’s lives.

Daicel is committed to providing customers and markets with high quality material that can be used to improve their current products and performance. In addition, we are committed to working with customers to provide customized products that best fit their applications and requirements.

We pride ourselves in the value we provide to our customers. We achieve this through our many years of experience in industry, wealth of technical knowledge, and outstanding support from our talented team. We can help you answer any questions you may have, as well as find a solution to fit your desired application.

Advantages of Working with Daicel:

  • An alternative supplier that is dedicated to working with our customers’ needs
  • Work with a company invested in providing customers with new, emerging, and more sustainable technologies
  • A focus on improved processing – enables other materials to be compounded for greater benefits

The Daicel Spirit:

We share the Daicel Spirit, a drive to innovate and achieve our growth.
  • We believe that honest effort is the key to creativity. Through a commitment to perfection, we excel at innovation.
  • We are committed to creativity, a concept that imbues all our business operations from developing innovations to creating value.
  • We value each individual as well as his or her achievements.

Corporate profile

Corporate Name DAICEL ChemTech, Inc.
Office One Parker Plaza , 400 Kelby Street Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024 Phone: (201) 461-4466 Fax: (201) 461-2776
Business operations Marketing of organic chemicals
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